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Training: Using Proxies

What is a Proxy? 

A proxy is a way to route or change your IP address. 

Why Would I use a Proxy Inside of Lead Kahuna? 

When you search for or find Leads inside of Lead Kahuna, you are requesting information about each Lead. For each Lead that you see, we perform seven (7) searches. Some of the sites that we use have limits about how many searches one (1) IP address can successfully complete for a certain period of time. These periods are: daily, hourly, and all-time. 

Once an IP address reaches one of these limits, information will stop populating. Using proxies is a method to extend the population of information. However, using proxies does not guarantee that information will be populated. 

How do I Add Proxies to Lead Kahuna? 

Complete the following steps to add proxies to Lead Kahuna: 

  1. Decide which kind of proxies you will use:
    1. Free proxies are available for no cost and are shared by multiple users. Click here to access a list of free proxies
    2. Dedicated proxies are available for a small cost are not shared with multiple users. Dedicated proxies can last longer than free proxies. Click here to buy a dedicated proxy
  2. Copy your proxy's IP address. 
  3. From the Lead Kahuna dashboard, click Local Leads
  4. Check the use proxies box.   
  5. Paste your proxy's IP address. 
  6. Type a colon (:) and your proxy's port number. 
  7. Click Check Proxies
  8. Click Save Valid Proxies.