Release And Hotfix Notes:

July 27th 2023
-Added volume/audio controls for the AI generated voices.
-Fixed an issue where the audio for the waveform did not sync to the end of the frames(#352153)

July 12th 2023
-Added beta support for several updates to the Builder. 
-Added controls over background image movement
-Added Beta access to AI voiceovers
-Upgraded zoom in the builder letting you loom in and out to a higher degree
-Updated AI Script area to integrate company tokens

July 11th 2023
-Fixed an issue causing longer then normal delays in the rendering of videos (#349527)

June 30th 2023
-Fixed an error in the production of videos and causing the editor to loop (#348959)

June 19th 2023
-Fixed an issue where some videos were rendering for a longer then normal time (#348366, #348524, #349140)

June 16th 2023
-Fixed an issue causing some users to not be able to access the video builder (#349161)

June 13th 2023
-Fixed an issue where expertgram templates were not showing for some users who should have it (#347651)

June 9th 2023
-Fixed an issue where the "undo" function was not working in the builder (#344758)

May 3rd 2023
-Fixed an issue where some video renders were delayed in production for an extended period (#342779)

March 29th 2023
-Fixed an issue where some voice tracks were not displayed correctly in the editor causing some issues with cut off sound (#337288)

March 14th 2023
-Fixed an issue where some videos were rendered with incorrect timing on ad frames (#333029)

February 24th 2023
-Fixed an issue where the Lead Gen campaigns were not able to be created by some users (#335837)

February 13th 2023
-Released a new "Waveform element" to visualize audio in your videos. Currently available as a beta feature to APP and Legacy Mastermind members you can find training in the product knowledge base to try it out today!

January 16th 2023
-Fixed an issue where you were unable to save some drafts. (#312989)
-Fixed an issue where some logos were re-sizing incorrectly (#330089)

January 3rd 2023
-Fixed an issue where some users were unable to add Facebook integration.

December 14th 2022
-Updated the business and agency settings layout to better follow and emulate other Strategic Marketer tools.

September 22nd 2022
-Fixed a typo where the wrong IP was displayed from some users in the whitelabel settings (#320326)

June 6th 2022
-Fixed an issue where some users' video credits did not rollover from month to month (#306467)