Email 1: 

COLD EMAIL: I wanted to email you first, before I called, so that you could just see it for yourself.

It looks like [Company][Company Name] made the list of businesses that Google may have changed your business listing online.  Which might mean your information is going to be updated incorrectly on a lot of websites.

You can check the information yourself with this “[City (Mailing)] Business Grader.”

[City (Mailing)] Business Grader: [Landing page link] 

We’re a data analysis firm that specializes in scoring the local [1st Category] industry.  

The tool is free for local businesses in [City (Mailing)] and one of the the leading 

competitors in the  [1st Category] industry had 67% of their contact 

information wrong on all the major directories.

See if your online information needs to be corrected or not.

I've seen your information on over 20 different sites, and that's why I'm

reaching out. I think that this is something you should really look at.

Click Here: [Landing page link] 

Have a great day!


[User Full Name]

P.S. If you think it's "unique" that I would send you this email out of the blue I understand.  

I do a lot of consulting and data analysis for companies like yours and I simply thought this information might be valuable to you



Its [User Full Name],  I'm not sure if you had a chance to see my last email yesterday.


I sent you your Local [City (Mailing)] Score page for your business.


[City (Mailing)] Business Grader: [Sequence Link] 


Here are just a few of the “Nice Surprises” that I think you'll like:


  1.  You can find out what your Local [City (Mailing)] Business Score is
  2.  You can find out how many reviews you have online
  3.  You can see if your “Business Info” is correct on 18 top directories
  4.  You can also see your competitions information, too
  5.  You will see which reviews Google has removed


[First Category] Business Grader: [Report Link]


Again it’s a free local tool for companies in [City (Mailing)], but I’m not sure how long

the tool will be available.


I’ve had several companies that have really appreciated learning about this useful tool, so I hope this helps you. 


If Google updates a company's contact information with the wrong details, needless to say, a lot of business will be lost.


Have a great day!



[User Full Name]


[User Signature]



Not sure if you had a chance to check out your Score Report for [Company][Company Name]?

[City (Mailing)] Business Grader: [Sequence Link] 

If you’re wondering “what is this and why was it sent to me?” Well, working for a data management firm, I find we get the best information when real end users give us feedback.

There are 3 things that can help a business grow:

  1.  Being in front of more prospective customers: Visibility Score
  2.  Developing a good reputation with those customers:  Reputation Score
  3. Knowing what customers are saying about you:  Review Score

And there are quite a few other scores you might be interested in seeing your results for, including Your Reputation, your negative review score and how you compare to the other nearby [First Category] in [City (Mailing)].

Go check it out. [Sequence Link] 

Click Here to see the overall score for [Company][Company Name]:  [Landing page link] 


[User Full Name]

P.S.  This is good info for a  [1st Category]. 92% of consumers now read online reviews for local businesses.That's why I think you will find this report helpful.

(source: 2015 local consumer review survey)  


Email 4

I decided to take a sneak peak at your score and looked at how your

listed on over 21 of the top directories in our industry.  (Your going to be surprised)

I used this [City (Mailing)] Business Grader:  [Landing page link] 

Missing any of the 21 websites does impact your online ranking when people search for you.

Of course, there are other factors, too, like how many listing reviews you have, how many videos you’ve got out there (the tool shows you how many of yours are currently publicly visible) and a lot of other useful lead generating data.

The simplest thing you can do (if nothing more) is see where you’re currently at, what’s missing and just fix it.

Being part of the data research team at my organization, we’re currently doing outreach and looking to get more real business user feedback before we start possibly charging for this service.


It doesn’t cost anything, right now, so please go ahead and play around with it.

Look At Your Score:  [Landing page link] 


[User Full Name]

P.S.  First pull your own score to see how your doing... then pull your competitions score.

I think you'll be surprised at what you see.

See for yourself: [Landing page link]  


Email 5: 

Its  [User Full Name] and I found this important fact out about [First Category] companies in [City (Mailing)]:

"96% of all consumers find video extremely useful when making purchase..."

They usually look at, at least one video, before making a transaction. 

Why is this important?

Because other [First Category]'s have videos can easily be found and you don't have videos showing up in the right places.

Well, the tool we just made available to a limited select few can give you insights that will help anyone who uses it become more visible and more competitive in their local market.

[City (Mailing)] Business Grader:  [Landing page link] 

Here's a few things it can show you:

  1.  Your visibility Score?
  2.  Video Visibility Grade?
  3.  Your Reputation Score?

There are just loads of insightful data this tool gives you access to, which can have a tremendous impact on your overall organic online visibility.

It’s in Beta and for a limited time, it doesn’t cost a dime for beta testers to use.

Click Here To Check Out Your Score.



[User Full Name]


P.S. If you find it helpful all I’m hoping for is a little feedback, so tell me what you think once you play around with it, ok?

Email 6: 


Its  [User Full Name] again, and I've got some great news. 

The tool we just made available over the last week is now fully functional.


Now anyone who has access to this can see exactly what their local [City (Mailing)] Score is.


Here's a sample of what your scoring looks like:

The simple scoring system it uses is very intuitive and easy to use.


Some of the more useful insights the tool uncovers include:


  1.  What kind of overall reputation your business has in the marketplace
  2.  Whether or not you’ve got video and how visible those videos are
  3.  What kind of bad feedback is out there about you
  4.  What directories are you not listed in?


The organization I work for is looking for end user feedback and though it’s free right now, they’re considering making it paid.


Until then, if you’ve got a minute and want to see what either your scores are or what your other [City (Mailing)] [First Category] competition is doing…


Click Here to check it out:  [Landing page link] 



[User Full Name]


P.S.  Google has made a lot of changes recently and this tool is keeping tabs what they are doing with the information on your business, and what customers are saying about you online.


(ADD sense of urgency -> I have availability for free consultation this week and fully booked for the rest of the month, but I really wanted to explain how you can better … monitor your reputation, get more videos or….