In this article you will find the third email in the email marketing sequence.

5 Day Fire Sale Email Script 3 
Email 3

Subject: Another [1st Category] will take your place.

Subject 2. The size of your [Social Media] followers does matter.

Subject 3. Do they talk back to you?

Subject 4. I hope you are not one of these…

I just wanted to make sure you haven’t been kidnapped by one of those strange cults that won’t allow you to check your emails because they would rather you be in the desert picking peyote.

You see, I’ve been trying to get hold of you to see if you are interested in my BETA Program for 30 Days of Social Media Content, to build your social media presence and give you more [Buyer Type]s.

But so far you haven’t replied or taken my invitation, although two of your compadres have. This leads me to think you are being held against your will, maybe in an Arizona cave?

[Company Name] 30 Days of Social Media Content Invitation. [insert page link]

After this BETA program has ended, I will be releasing this service to the greater business community at a rate of $500, so now is the time to act as I am covering all the cost.

As I mentioned above, 2 of the 5 available BETA Program positions have been taken, leaving only 3 which will disappear faster than a desert sunset.

My team of professional writers will write all the content for your social media channels, in your voice and tone, so you can see the difference regular posting to your followers makes to converting new [Buyer Type]s.

You just need to get the ball rolling by clicking the invitation.

[Company Name] 30 Days of Social Media Content Invitation [insert page link]



[Business name]


P.S.  I’d like to add…  that one of the main reasons we are doing this Beta Program is more people these days use social media to choose a business based on their online presence and reputation. Engaging content plays a big part in attracting new [Buyer Type].

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